Powerslides - Finding Joy in Flatspots


Photo & Words by Connor Poulsen

What is it about powerslides that we love? Is it the wheels screaming for help as they slide across the asphalt or the sensation of uneasiness? Regardless of the reasons, there's nothing like a nice 10-foot long powerslide.

Is a powerslide a ‘trick’, a method of slowing down, or an element of style? Or is it a little bit of all of these? As controversial as this may be, there should be no argument to how exhilarating and fun they are. There is a sense of relief that comes from manhandling your board into a healthy powerslide. It's an expression of aggression and an indication of having fun.

Powerslides are something we hold close to us as skateboarders, as nobody else gets to experience them. They flatspot our wheels and occasionally put us on our face, but we love them anyways.