Photo & Words by Connor Poulsen

Of what good use is a vertical slab of concrete other than structural support or design? How on earth can a wall be used as an outlet of fun? Who else can prove the higher potential of walls other than skateboarders. The creative mind of a skateboarder sees potential in all things to be skated, even walls.

As skateboarders we are naturally nonconformists, and wallrides are a bold statement of nonconformity. It’s a battle of friction and gravity against board and skateboarder, and victory is sweet.

Jamming your board through the right angled elbow from ground to wall (or from bank to wall in easier cases) is a way of saying “in your face!” to naysayers and those who have false or fixed ideas of what can and can’t be done on a skateboard. Wallride your school, wallride your local supermarket, wallride behind the arcade, wallride everything!