Desperate Measures for Desperate Shoes

Photos & Words by Connor Poulsen

Griptape eats shoes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every snack in between. It devours the shoes we love flip-by-flip, ollie-by-ollie. It's commonly known that suede shoes have superior durability to canvas shoes, but some of us like to skate canvas shoes anyways, whether we are a proclaimed "vegan skateboarder" or just like the feel of a canvas shoe, we skate them if we love them. Skateboarders tend to be a very shoe-savvy people, and we frequently grow attached the shoes we love.

One of my personal favorite canvas shoes to skate are Vans slip-ons. I've made my most recent pair very skateable by means of shoe goo and a corduroy patch. Modifying this shoe to my skating needs was an experience of creation I consider close to that of skateboarding itself in terms of thought process. Nobody told me to do this to my shoe, and nobody told me how I should do it. I developed an idea of the way I wanted to goo my shoe complete with a patch, and I spent an enjoyable evening doing so.

Nobody can tell you what shoes to skate or take command of any other aspect of your skateboarding, and that's the beauty of it. We skate how we skate, and others' opinions simply don't matter. I'm considered crazy by some for skating in Vans slip-ons, but aren't they crazy for skating their suede Nikes? The truth is, neither of us are crazy, we skate what we like, and we like what we skate.