Skateboarders and their Shoes

Photos & Words by Connor Poulsen

I've always found the relationship between people and their shoes very interesting. Everybody wears shoes differently; some tie them tighter, some tie them looser, some lace them all the way up, some lace only a few eyelets, and some don't lace them at all. There are so any small details in the shoes someone wears that can actually tell a lot about them.

I find the relationship between skateboarders and their shoes particularly interesting. Not only because I am a skateboarder, but because of the way they wear and tear. Depending on how someone skates, their shoes might rip differently than someone else's, or might not rip at all. Here is a series of photos of skateboarders and their shoes, brought to you by a skate shoe connoisseur.

Logan and his Adidas Busenitz VulcsDanny and his Vans EuclidsCarson and his Nike SB Koston 2's