Nostalgic Television

Photos & Words by Connor Poulsen

Your thoughts are likely running through the possibilities as to why there is a picture of a television on here, and I am about to tell you why. But first, what is it that makes you assume there should be no picture of a television on here? Such a television as this one creates nostalgia of VHS skate videos and playing Super Nintendo. Both are things I cherish from my early childhood, as well as skateboarding.

Some of the funnest times skating are skating the strangest of things. The world has endless possibilities of things to skate and different ways to skate them. In this particular case we found ourselves skating this convex-screened television that was once loved in the 90's and early 2000s.

We have not yet ventured as far as grinds and slides on this televesion, in fear of a broken screen and the resulting mess, but our hunger to skate and destroy will most likely get the best of us soon. Who minds a broken screen anyways? It's all in the name of skateboarding and fun! Now go skate stuff!