Taking Advantage of the Drought

Photos & Words by Connor Poulsen

From the earliest days of innovative skateboarding in the 70's, California's droughts have had a significant positive affect on the evolvement of skateboarding. Now in 2015, we skateboarders continue to take advantage of the lack of water in concrete wonderlands such as ditches or pools. We redefine the concrete around us and see it's greater potential to be skated.

Craning your neck looking out the car window trying to see if a ditch is empty is a regular practice as a skateboarder. Always searching for a new empty ditch, and getting out to skate it while you can because it might not be dry forever.Sweeping away the grime and dirt while others ask, what's the point? The answer is because it's worth it. An hour of sweeping and cleaning up broken beer bottles and plastic bags is worth an hour of skating. The fun of skating and redefining the world for our advantage is what we love. That is why we do it. It's the reason we're willing to clean up a spot only for that very ground we cleaned to eat the skin off of our body as we fall. With that said, go skate! And if you fall, get back up and keep skating!